Alcoholic jumps from Jamnagar hospital 2nd floor | Rajkot News

Rajkot: A 40-year-old patient suffering from pneumonia jumped off the second floor, through the glass facade, at G G Hospital in Jamnagar on Saturday. The man, resident of Porbandar, suffered a fracture in one of the legs, said doctors at the hospital.
According to the hospital administration, the man (whose identity could not be revealed without consent) was brought to the emergency ward of the hospital three days ago. Later looking at his symptoms, he was shifted to Covid ward where his RT-PCR report for coronavirus was conducted which turned out to be negative.
However, a CT-scan suggested that he was suffering from pneumonia, said Dr. Deeptak Tiwari medical superintendent of G G hospital. “We later came that the patient had a history of alcohol abuse. He seems to be suffering from withdrawal symptoms, so he jumped. He was not going to commit suicide neither he was depressed. We believe that the patient did not know what he was doing,” said Tiwari. The hospital administration said that the man suffered a fractured leg. He was also being treated for his psychological condition apart from pneumonia, they added.
When the incident happened, the man’s kin were not present at the hospital, they arrived at noon.
“We will talk with family members and try to understand his medical history, mental condition and treat him accordingly,” said Tiwari.

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