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Gurgaon: All meat shops in the city will remain closed on Tuesdays. The decision was taken by the MCG House on Thursday. Moreover, the House also increased the licence fee for meat shops from Rs 5,000 to Rs 10,000 and hiked the penalty on unauthorised butchers by 10 times — from Rs 500 to Rs 5,000.
In fact, as the matter of increasing the licence fee for meat shops came up for discussion at the House meeting, a few councillors suggested that they should remain shut on Tuesdays since there is a provision to keep them closed once a week.
The councillors, however, said that the meat shops should not be shut down on Sundays since the sales are high over the weekends.
Ashwani Sharma, councillor of ward number 19, first came up with the suggestion in the House to keep the meat shops in the city closed once a week.
On this, MCG commissioner Vinay Pratap Singh said at the meeting that there are people who eat non-vegetarian food on Tuesdays. “It is an individual choice to eat non-veg food. So, I think the House should think carefully before making a decision for the entire city.”
However, the MCG chief said that he agreed with the councillors that unauthorised meat shops should not be allowed to operate in residential areas. “And if permission has been given to operate meat shops in residential areas, the same should be withdrawn.”
Meanwhile, councillor of ward number 18, Subhash Singla, also joined the discussion, which digressed from increasing the licence fee for meat shop owners to keeping the butcher outlets closed on Tuesdays.
“We don’t want meat shops to remain shut on Sundays as their sale is maximum on that day. If we can keep the shops shut once in a week, then respecting Hindu beliefs they should be shut on Tuesdays,” he said.
Giving her concurrence, mayor Madhu Azad said that the meat shops in the city should be shut on Tuesdays and also that these shops should not be allowed to operate in the residential areas of the city.

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