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Gorakhpur: DDU Gorakhpur University vice-chancellor Prof Rajesh Singh met Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Thursday at Gorakhnath temple and discussed with him the preparations of an international mega seminar on Nath sect to be held from March 20 to 22. The main topic of the seminar is ‘Nath Panth ke Vaishwik Pradey’.
The meeting continued for more than half an hour. The CM said literature related to the Nath sect should also be translated in other languages as Nath sect followers live in Nepal, Bengal, Tripura, Odisha, Karnataka, Gujarat and Maharashtra. Also, there are followers and educationists of the Nath sect all over the world and it is required to associate them with the seminar.
Prof Singh said that the university will ensure providing a platform in the mega international seminar to followers of the Nath sect all over the world and it will also become a place to translate the literature on the Nath sect available all over the world.
Educationists participating in the seminar are Dr Vishwanand Putia of Mauritius, Dr Sri Hari Singh of MP, Dr Balwanti Jani, VC of Gour University, Prof RC Sinha, Chairman Indian Council, Kapilnath from America, Prof Sudhir Singh of Delhi University, Yogi Vilasnath from Maharashtra, Yogi Matsyendra from Russia, Dr Kushal B Chakrawarti from Bangladesh, Prof Neem Chandra Bhowmik, president of Hindu-Buddha-Christian Oikka Parishad ,etc.
“The people working on Nath Panth and educationists all over the world including Yogi Hallman Nath from Austria, Bhagwan Nath from Spain, Yogini Devkinath from Brazil, Dr Madhavdesh Pandey of Michigan University, America will be connected to the seminar, he added.

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