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GUWAHATI: Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath on Wednesday appealed to people to vote again for BJP for building a ‘new Assam’ and held Congress responsible for lack of development and illegal influx.
Addressing three rallies at Lanka, Kalaigaon and Rangiya, Yogi said Assam wanted development under successive Cogresss governments but there was none. “Congress never worked for development and progress of the region or the country’s unity or welfare of the people. It only to grab power. This forced the people here to endure its misrule for a long time and the problem of illegal migration in the area,” he said.
He added that PM Narendra Modi scrapped the Look East Policy and implemented the Act East Policy for the development of the region.
Yogi also accused Congress of encouraging militancy and added that the Congress had in 1952 introduced Article 370, granting special status to Kashmir and paving the way for entry of militants there.
“Congress had put restrictions on the movement of people from other states to Kashmir and buying land there. But now, with revocation of Article 370, anybody from any part of the country can buy property there”, he said.
He added, “Bharatiya Jana Sangh founder Syama Prasad Mukherjee had strongly opposed Article 370 as it was a threat to national unity as in a country, there cannot be two constitutions, two flags and prime ministers.”
“PM Modi and Union home minister Amit Shah fulfilled Mukherjee’s dream by revoking Article 370 and put the last nail for ending miltancy in Kashmir,” he said.
Chanting “Jai Shri Ram”, Adityanath also said, “No work in India can be done without the name of Lord Ram. Ram is India’s identity, heritage, culture, its foundation.” He added that overcoming all obstacles, the BJP government laid the foundation of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya and invited people of Assam to Ayodhya when the temple construction is completed.
Adityanath claimed that people need the Modi government, which conducted the surgical strike in September 2016 in Pakistan-administered Kashmir when that country intruded, brought about development and unity to the country, provided employment opportunities and protected the honour of women by doing away with instant triple talaq. “Narendra Modi government is working for making the dream of India becoming a superpower a reality”, he said. Yogi also referred to US President Joe Biden appreciating Modi for effectively handling the Covid-19 pandemic in India, vaccinating its citizens and also sending vaccines to friendly countries.

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