Delhi: 100 schools of specialised excellence — for ‘gifted students’ — get govt nod

The Delhi Cabinet has cleared a proposal to set up 100 schools of “specialised excellence”, which are to be modelled for the needs of “gifted students”. The proposal for these schools was announced by Deputy CM Manish Sisodia in his budget speech. Currently, there are five Schools of Excellence run by the government. These are the most resource-rich amongst its schools, with the best teachers and infrastructure.

The proposed schools of specialised excellence are to cover grades 9-12, and four domains of specialisation — Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), Performing and Visual Arts, Humanities and “high-end 21st century skills”. “The idea is that children with interest and ability will be filtered towards specialisation in these areas. These schools are to not just focus on rote learning but on innovation and exploration,” said a government representative.

“Our children need an opportunity to be ready for next generation challenges. Every child is unique and gifted; we want to ensure they get the opportunity to achieve higher success in their lives. Schools of Specialised Excellence will provide the right platform for our children to nurture their talent…,” said Sisodia.

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