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GUWAHATI: Jailed peasants’ activist Akhil Gogoi, who is the president of the newly formed regional party Raijor Dal, on Saturday urged the electorate to vote against BJP candidates in every constituency.
In a letter from the prison on Saturday, Gogoi said as of now only the people of Assam can save Assam from “divisive” BJP by not voting for the saffron party. Gogoi also stated that the opposition parties in Assam have “failed to show far-sightedness” by not banding together against BJP.
In 2014, Akhil had asked people to ensure the defeat of Congress in the Lok Sabha polls in the state.
“For the sack of Assam and to protect it, my solemn appeal to the state voters to vote against the BJP. People need to choose the strongest candidates, who are against CAA , fielded against BJP and its allies in each and every constituency of the state and vote for them. One should not vote for BJP at any cost,” Akhil said in the letter.
Akhil, whose party is contesting 20 seats in the first and second phase, said the onus is on the people of the state to save it from BJP. “This election is a do-or-die situation for the people of the state. It is time to make a decision. Assam’s future depends on the people of Assam. Choose the strongest candidates fielded against the BJP and its allies and vote for one who has the most winning probability,” Akhil said.
Earlier in a letter, Akhil had singled out Badruddin Ajmal’s AIUDF as “communal” and showed his displeasure over the Congress-led alliance joining hands with AIUDF as a part of the alliance. “We think BJP and AIUDF are two sides of the same coin,” Akhil had written.
However, Akhil’s Saturday letter didn’t mention AIUDF but urged voters to vote against BJP.
Gogoi has been in jail since December, 2019. He was booked by the NIA on charges of sedition and those related to terrorism under provisions of the UA(P)A for involvement in the anti-CAA movement in Assam.
Akhil also wrote that that he will transform the historic Sibsagar, the seat of the powerful Ahom dynasty, into an “iconic site” of India if he is elected from there.

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