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Nagpur: To prevent Covid-19 positive patients from stepping out of home isolation, the Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) will launch an innovative system of using facial recognition via the 3,800 CCTVs installed in different parts of the city. This is probably the first of its kind attempt in the country to arrest Covid spread.
Civic chief Radhakrishnan B said photos of of people — with and without mask — coming to testing centres will be clicked via an app developed by a city start-up. Positive patients will be automatically detected by the CCTV system. They will then be fined and put in institutional quarantine.
On Saturday, guardian minister Nitin Raut and divisional commissioner Sanjeev Kumar gave the green signal to implement the system. Leader of opposition Devendra Fadnavis said the system will help in containing the spread of the disease.
“Test were successfully conducted. However, some modifications are needed,” said Radhakrishnan.
Photos of the patients will be linked with the identification number generated by the ICMR when they come for Covid tests. “Pictures of those who test negative will be automatically deleted. The app will be connected with the city operation centre of the Smart City Project at the NMC headquarters,” said Radhakrishnan.
The civic chief said facial recognition will be done using artificial intelligence. “CCTVs will detect the patient automatically and create an alert. Zonal civic staff will then visit the home of the violator immediately, levy a fine of Rs 5,000 and admit the person in an institutional quarantine,” said Radhakrishnan.
The NMC has said that positive patients in home isolation have been roaming around in public places and increasing chances of Covid spread.
* Photos of those coming to testing centres to be clicked via new app
* If -ve, they will be deleted
* Those positive will be linked with the ID generated by ICMR
* App linked to 3,800 CCTVs
* Using artificial intelligence, CCTVs will do facial recognition
* Civic staff will visit homes, levy fine of Rs 5,000 and admit positives in institutional quarantine for 10 days

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