Kerala elections: CPM asks each of its members to focus ‘only on 25 sure votes’ | Thiruvananthapuram News

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: As part of poll day preparations, CPM has assigned each of its party members the responsibility of ensuring that 25 voters, who are ‘sure’ pro-Left supporters, exercise their franchise before evening.
The party had earlier sought the number of sure votes which will be polled from each booth.
In the past elections, the number given by the boothlevel workers was that of sure votes.
“Then, there would be a dip in the votes polled as some of them would not have cast their votes. This would lead to flaws in the party’s assessment regarding the outcome of results. So, strict instructions have been given to provide the number of votes which will be polled in favour of LDF from each booth. The number should exclude the voters who are pro-LDF, but can’t cast votes due to various reasons,” sources said.
Each party worker, who is assigned with the responsibility, should ensure that the 25 votes, which are sure votes of LDF, is polled.
“They should focus only on that responsibility. They need not woo other voters. They must just focus on bringing the pro-LDF voters, who have already been identified, to the polling booths and ensure that the votes are cast,” sources said. The house visits by ministers and top leaders are said to be effective.

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