Lucknow: Fewer challans for flouting mask rule

The number of Covid-19 cases is increasing at an alarming rate in Lucknow, and daily activities in the state are completely back to normal. However, the number of challans issued for not wearing face masks has gone down significantly in the last two months, even as people are seen violating the basic Covid protocol at public places.

As per a data provided by Lucknow Police Commissionerate, the number of challans for not wearing a mask, handkerchief, stole or scarf at public places or outside the house in February, was just 3,697 – which is 7,919 less than what it was in January. From March 1 to 19, as many as 1,254 people have been fined for not wearing a mask in Lucknow.

Earlier, the highest number of challans was in the months of July and October last year, when 29,371 and 26,625 people were fined. The lowest number of challans issued was in May last year when 910 people were fined.

Talking to The Sunday Express, Lucknow Joint Commissioner of Police (Law and Order) Naveen Arora said the system of issuing fine for not wearing a mask is still very prevalent and will be intensified. “We are issuing challans to those for not following Covid protocols, including not wearing masks, and with the increasing cases we will intensify the process. As far as the amount of the fine is concerned, we are charging up to Rs 500 as a challan, depending on the person’s financial condition. For example, if there is a rickshaw-puller not wearing a mask, a challan of Rs 500 will be too much for him. However, we are warning them all,” said Arora.

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