Man cutting tree branches to feed goats electrocuted | Rajkot News

Rajkot: A 51-year-old man got electrocuted when his axe accidentally touched an electric wire while cutting branches of a tree to feed his goats near Railway colony on Jamnagar road in Rajkot on Monday.
The deceased was identified as Ramesh Vaghela, a resident of Indiranagar in Raiyadhar area of the city.
According to police, Vaghela had climbed a tree on government wasteland to cut leaves and branches of a tree to feed his goats. He was using an axe to cut the branches.
“Accidentally the axe touched a live overhead power cable that was passing near the tree and Vaghela got electrocuted,” said police.
A number of passers-by had gathered near the accident spot, but nobody dared to climb the tree due to the fear of getting electrocuted themselves. The fire brigade personnel brought down Vaghela’s body, added police.

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