Matchmaker’s husband rapes woman in Ahmedabad | Ahmedabad News

AHMEDABAD: A 28-year-old woman from Isanpur on Friday filed a complaint of rape against the husband of a woman she had been introduced to as a matchmaker.
In her FIR at Ramol police station, the woman stated that she had married in 2010 but divorced four years ago. She has two children, while her son lives with her ex-husband, her five-year-old daughter lives with her.
She stated about a month and a half ago, her friend suggested that she remarry and took her to the house of Kirtikumar Modi in Ramol, where she met him and his wife, Krupa. “Krupa introduced me to a man and spoke to him about marrying me,” the complainant stated. “Our match was agreed, but I later had a disagreement and called it off,” she stated.
“About two weeks ago, Krupa introduced me to another prospective groom. Due to this I visited her house often,” the complainant stated.
“On March 9, Krupa called me and said that she was sick and was admitted at Durga Hospital near Soni ni Chali. She asked that I stay at her home for a few days and do the domestic chores while she was in hospital. I went there that day with my daughter,” she stated.
“On March 11, Krupa was discharged from hospital. She asked me to stay on as she was still not fully healthy,” she said.
“On March 15, I went to sleep at about 11pm. At about 5am, Kirtikumar came to where I was sleeping and lay down next to me. He began touching me and I woke up. When I protested, he said ‘If you do not let me do this with you, I will do it with your daughter’. He then began removing my clothes. He then removed my leggings and despite me pleading with him not to, he forced himself on me,” she stated.
She added that as she was traumatized and scared at the time, she did not tell anyone but left with her daughter. She approached police on Thursday.
Inspector M S Kotaval, the investigating officer, said, “We have apprehended the suspect and are waiting for the result of his Covid-19 test before we formally arrest him. He is 41 years old.”

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