Mayawati says no to tie-ups: Will go alone in Assembly and panchayat polls


Pointing out that being in a coalition “never benefits her party” as the voters of other parties are “not transferable”, Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) president Mayawati on Monday announced that BSP would be contesting the Uttar Pradesh Vidhan Sabha elections and the upcoming Panchayat elections in the state on its own.

Addressing media persons on the sidelines of an event to mark the birth anniversary celebrations of BSP founder Kanshi Ram, she said her party workers should be cautious of rival parties that have been “ganging up” against the BSP using all kind of tactics in every election, and need not be worried of the adverse situations.

“Several states are gearing up for Vidhan Sabha elections and our party is contesting elections in West Bengal, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Puducherry on its own,” she said. Answering a question, she said the party would be contesting both the upcoming UP Panchayat elections and the UP Vidhan Sabha elections on its own without any coalition with any party or organisation. The party would be contesting on all Vidhan Sabha seats in the state.

“I request all my party office-bearers and workers to contest these elections at full strength. The BSP is not just a party, but a movement. We have realized that whenever we do a coalition, our vote is transferred to them, but the other parties fail to transfer their vote to us.

Because of this we never benefit from a coalition. And anyway BSP also focus on uplifting the oppressed, poor and weaker sections rather than focusing on coalition with opposing parties and leaders,” said Mayawati.

She further claimed that the BSP is neither a party which goes for protests every now and then, nor it tries to always be in media for any reason possible, and stays away from show-off. Answering a question on selling sugar mills during her tenure in Uttar Pradesh, she said that the decision was not of a single person, but a collective decision of the state Cabinet.

Talking about the three farm laws which are drawing criticism from several farmers across the country, she said that now the central and state governments of BJP and Congress are bringing such rules and laws which are further oppressing poor, labours, farmers, smaller traders and other hard working communities. “The farmers in the country are still protesting against the three new farm laws and our party has been requesting the central government to take back these laws if the farmers are not in favour of these laws. Our party is standing with the farmers in their demand. We demand the

government to not only take back these laws, but also request the central and respective state government to provide financial help to the family members of those who lost their lives during the protest. Along with this, a family member of such families should be given a government job,” she said.


Attacking the government over the increasing fuel and LPG prices, she said that skyrocketing inflation amid high poverty and unemployment levels, and worsening law and order situation is making the lives of poor even harder. “At the same time, the capitalists and rich are getting richer even during the coronavirus pandemic. This raises questions on the welfare related policies of the government. In Uttar Pradesh, encounters and use of bulldozers with casteist and malice mentality by the government is troubling the people,” she alleged.

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