Micro-containment zones to curb virus spread: Jain

Health Minister Satyendar Jain on Monday said that “micro-containment zones” will be created in areas with more than two COVID-19 cases.

Testing capacity

“The Delhi government is taking appropriate measures, the most significant one being boosting of the daily testing capacity. Around 80,000-90,000 tests are being done each day. Moreover, among the infected patients, asymptomatic and mildly symptomatic patients are being home isolated, and moderate to severe cases are being isolated and treated in hospitals. Genome tracing is also being carried out and about 30 people are being traced for the COVID-19 infection,” he said.

Additionally, the micro-containment zones are being created, wherever two-three cases are detected, to prevent the spread of the virus,” Mr. Jain said.

The Health Minister appealed to all residents of Delhi to follow COVID-appropriate behaviour and not show any negligence with regard to it.

“I believe that taking necessary precautions is of utmost importance to stop the infection. The severity of the cases is comparatively lower as compared to the previous virus waves. This is the fourth wave in Delhi and the second wave in the country,” the Minister said.

About variants

Responding to a question about variants of the virus, Mr. Jain said, “Let scientists look at the variants. Scientists say that the current COVID-19 variant is spreading at a fast pace with less severity and the mortality rate is also low. The central lab is doing the study on the variants.”

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