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GURUGRAM: The Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG) is likely to give the contract of processing waste at the Bandhwari landfill to another company to save itself from having to pay a penalty of Rs 148 crore. The National Green Tribunal (NGT) has given the civic a “last chance” to set up a waste processing plant at Bandhwari, failing which it may impose a Rs 148 crore fine on it.
MCG had assigned the task of waste processing to Ecogreen, but the company has failed to set up a waste-to-energy plant at Bandhwari despite several reminders. The corporation, which had prepared an estimate of Rs 256 crore for processing the waste, has now said it will look for another company for completing the job and Ecogreen will have to bear the cost of it.
The matter will be tabled before the House meeting on Thursday, when a resolution is likely to be passed for awarding the contract to another company. In November too, MCG had passed a resolution to cancel Ecogreen’s contract, but the state government had struck down the decision. However, this time, the councillors and officials have said they have little choice but to look for another company in the wake of NGT’s directive and the prospect of a Rs 148 crore fine looming large on it.
“We want to treat the entire waste at Bandhwari. So, we will place a proposal at the House meeting that the contract of processing waste at the landfill be given to another company. Ecogreen will have to bear the cost since it was in their scope of work to establish the waste-to-energy plant. The other company that will be chosen will have to complete the work in a time-bound manner,” said Dheeraj Kumar, the joint commissioner for Swachh Bharat Mission at MCG.
Ecogreen said it was unfair to ask the company to cough up Rs 256 crore, the estimate prepared by MCG. “We (Ecogreen and MCG) have consulted our respective legal teams and the matter is under arbitration. We will accept whatever decision is taken under the law. We will also comply with the NGT’s directive. But when the total cost of the project is Rs 200 crore, how can we pay Rs 256 crore?” asked Sanjay Sharma, deputy CEO of Ecogreen.
Kuldeep Yadav, the councillor of Ward 29, said, “The processing of waste at the landfill had to be done by Ecogreen, but they failed to do it. We had passed a resolution in the House to cancel the contract of Ecogreen because of their inability to function properly, but the resolution itself was cancelled by the state government. Now that NGT has strictly told us to take action and process the waste, we will have to look for another company. Else, the civic body will have to bear a penalty. The government should seriously think about removing Ecogreen since they are not working properly and penalise the firm.”

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