New wave shows sharper rise in hospitalization in Vadodara | Vadodara News

Vadodara: The sharper next wave of Covd-19 in the city is threatening to be higher as well. The number of hospitalisations in the city has crossed the peak hospitalisation in the earlier wave even as the daily number of new cases continued to rise in the city and district.
According to the data released by the Vadodara Municipal Corporation (VMC), the number of hospitalisations in the city and district reached 3,468 on Tuesday. The number had crossed the first wave’s highest hospitalisation on Monday when 3,248 persons were hospitalised and went even higher on Tuesday. The highest hospitalisation in the first wave stood at 3,240 on September 17.
The official number of active cases in the city and district stood at 712. This included 103 on oxygen and 56 on ventilators or BIPAP machines. The remaining persons were stable. Officials have been holding that the high hospitalisation includes persons from nearby districts as well as other states too.
VMC confirmed the death of one more person taking the total number of Covid-19 victims in the city and district to 246. This does not include those who were Covid-19 positive and died due to comorbidity

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