NIMHANS holds session on adult mental health issues

The Heritage Museum and Department of Mental Health Education at NIMHANS in collaboration with FLUID-The Art Collective organised a session on adult mental health issues on Saturday.

This is a part of CONVERS(G)E – Talks on Mental Health series that was inaugurated on February 3 with the intention of creating awareness about mental health issues that are commonly seen in our society.

Saturday’s session, the third in the series, had a conversation between mental health experts on issues affecting Adult Mental health.

Experts — Vivek Benegal, Professor of Psychiatry at the Centre for Addiction Medicine, NIMHANS and Himani Kashyap, Associate Professor, Department of Clinical Psychology, NIMHANS — who were on the panel discussed the common mental disorders prevalent in the adult population, the causes and effects, how and when to seek help. The talk also had a discussion on “Addictions – the how, what, when, who and why.”

The most common mental disorders such as the less addressed but much suffered — anxiety, depression, burnout — the causes, effects and available treatment and therapy were also discussed. The section on addiction gave valuable information on who is vulnerable, what happens and why people get into an addiction.

The session also had a section on suicides — the vulnerable, the why, who, what, when and the telltale signs to watch out for.

Artworks by Peevee, Sharmila Aravind, Vasan, who are part of the Art show MENTALITY conceptualised by FLUID-The Art Collective were on display. The art show spoke about many aspects of the common mental disorders and addictions being discussed.

Pratima Murthy, head of the department of Psychiatry at NIMHANS, said the talk on adult mental health was planned around two very large areas – Common Mental Disorders and Addictions.

The talk series is aimed at detaching the stigma associated with mental ailments and encouraging people to talk about it, and seek help at the right time. While the first two talks were on geriatric and paediatric issues, the final one will be on Mental Wellness on March 27, she said.

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