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MYSURU: As if the pandemic wasn’t enough, blood banks and organisers of blood donation camps now face another problem: Rumours surrounding the Covid-19 vaccine.
When Covid hit and cases peaked, blood donation was badly impacted as very few people were willing to visit blood banks or hospitals for fear of the virus. As a result, patients who needed blood faced a hard time.
Now, with the inoculation drive in progress, blood banks are facing a similar challenge. What is adding confusion is different rules followed by various blood banks.
Some blood banks are advising donors not to donate within the first 90 days of receiving the second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine.
Mamata of Jeevan Dhara blood bank in Mysuru admitted that they are advising donors not to donate within the first three months of receiving the second dose of the vaccine, while Reshma Rai M, coordinator, Blood Centre, The Indian Red Cross Society Karnataka, said donations can be made after 28 days.
Blood camp organisers say the confusion is impacting collection drives. “Many who had registered for our March 23 programme cancelled saying they had received the vaccine,” said Anand Mandoth of Terapanth Yuvak Parishad, Mysuru. “In summer, blood collection usually falls due to various reasons. This year, the situation may be exacerbated by this confusion.”

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