Over 16 lakh voters set to cast their votes in Krishnagiri district

The voters will vote to elect among the 86 candidates for the assembly constituencies.

COVID patients will be allowed to cast their ballots between 6 p.m. and 7 p.m, on the polling day on April 6, here on Tuesday, said Collector V.Jayachandra Bhanu Reddy on Monday.

Speaking to the reporters on the arrangements ahead of the polls as the district’s 16,05,280 voters are set to cast their ballots in the six Assembly constituencies, the Collector said the arrangements have been made in accordance with the orders of the Election Commission of India.

The voters will vote to elect among the 86 candidates for the assembly constituencies.A total of 9,594 EVMs, that include 20% reserve EVMS are being deployed.

The postal ballots for absentee voters over 80 years under Form 12D has been claimed by 2,877 voters. A total of 11,031 polling personnel are deployed for duty, with 2,600 of them availing 2,600 postal ballots.


A total of ₹77,27,940 was seized in multiple cash seizures. In addition, 10.55 kg of silver was seized and few hundreds and cookers and hotpacks were also seized. Liquor to the tune of ₹36.69 lakh have also been seized. A total of 11,810 defacements were carried out and 142 cases were filed for Model Code of Conduct violations.

According to the Superintendent of Police Bandi Gangadar, eight companies of police force have been deployed in the district. They include Central Police Force, Tamil Nadu Special Police, local police. Besides, home guards and ex-servicemen totalling about 5,000, have been deployed.

A total of 426 sensitive booths in 123 locations have been identified in the district and they will be subjected to webcasting. There is only one critical booth identified in the district in Hosur Assembly constituency.

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