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NOIDA: The Noida Authority is set to appoint an expert group that will conduct surveys to find the groundwater levels of various places or zones in Noida. The group will also suggest ways to improve the groundwater level and how the rainwater harvesting systems and sewage treatment plants can be better utilised to recharge the aquifers.
Officials said that the current groundwater level is so low that about 100 of the authority’s 400-odd borewells have become faulty and are failing. RP Singh, deputy general manager of the Authority, said, “There is a network of 426 borewells across the city. However, around 100 of them are not working as the groundwater level is lower than the level of the borewell. It is a constant problem and we realised that efforts are needed to reverse the depletion cycle.”

He added that the aquifer zone of Noida is saline and the groundwater has TDS levels of up to 2,000 at many places. The water that is supplied to homes is blended with water from Ganga. According to officials, the group, along with members from Central Ground Water Authority, will be empanelled to assess groundwater level, what is the current level in various zones and rate of depletion. The group will also suggest ways in which steps can be taken to improve groundwater level.
The group is expected to be finalised in two months and will submit a report within a year. “Assessing groundwater level takes time as it is measured before and after monsoon to get an accurate estimate,” said an official.

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