Phase 3: Over 8,000 got first dose on Friday | Noida News

Noida/Ghaziabad: The third phase of the vaccination drive was conducted across 84 centres in Gautam Budh Nagar and over 70 centres in Ghaziabad on Friday. While 4,468 people were inoculated in GB Nagar, 4,754 people took the jabs in neighbouring Ghaziabad. The turnout for both districts was lower than what it was on Thursday.
In Noida, 47 government and 37 private facilities vaccinated people on Friday and the district reported a 64% turnout for the third phase.
“We vaccinated 5,704 people (3,504 at government centres and 2,200 at private hospitals) on Friday. While the target for the third phase was 7,000, 4,468 people got their first shot under the third phase. In all 3,137 people were in the 60 + category and 1,331 were in the 45-59 year age group. Apart from that 1,236 healthcare and frontline workers also got their vaccine doses on Friday,” said Dr Neeraj Tyagi, district immunisation officer in-charge of Covid vaccination in GB Nagar.
So far this week, the highest number was recorded on March 12 (77% coverage), followed by 74% on March 18 and 61% on March 13.
Viswabandhu Joshi from Kailash Hospital, Sector 27, said less footfall is being noticed among senior citizens and low income groups from nearby villages because most people are still not clear about the entire process. “We appeal to the government to allow walk-in registrations for senior citizens. This will help push the numbers,” he said.
In Ghaziabad, the turnout figure was lower than Thursday when over 7,000 people were inoculated. So far, 5,978 people have been vaccinated in the district. On Friday, 1,224 healthcare and frontline workers also took the jabs.
As per official figures, 2,705 people above 60 years of age and 606 in the 45-59 years age group took the shots at government facilities. In private facilities, the numbers were 1,077 and 376, respectively.

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