Pre-poll surveys baseless, biased, says Chennithala | Thiruvananthapuram News

T’puram: Opposition leader Ramesh Chennithala has come out strongly against the media surveys which predict continuity for the LDF government. He was also irate over the findings that he has got a very poor rating as the chief minister candidate.
“There is a calculated attempt to destroy the UDF and also to target me. All the surveys have predicted that LDF will continue. All these surveys are totally baseless and are biased ones,” said Chennithala.
“The media have been actively campaigning against the UDF. The government has been influencing the media by giving advertisements worth crores of rupees and hence the media have been involved in praising the works of the government. The government has so far spent Rs 200 crore for advertisements through media and Rs 57 crore was spent by the KIIFB,” he said.
The opposition leader said that the media had forgotten the fact that the LDF government had to withdraw all the controversial decisions which were revealed by the opposition before the people. “But the surveys are predicting that it will not have any impact in the election. It is also interesting to note that the same company has done the survey for three media houses,” he said, adding that the LDF government was giving advertisements in the newspapers being published in Gujarat.
He also recalled the surveys conducted during the last Lok Sabha elections, which had predicted an LDF win in majority of the seats. But when the results came, UDF won 19 seats. “The surveys had predicted a seat for the BJP in the Lok Sabha poll. Everyone knows what had happened later,” said Chennithala.
“In Palakkad, the survey had predicted victory for M B Rajesh of the CPM. What was the result? This is the authenticity of the surveys,” he said.
Chennithala said during the last assembly election, the surveys had said only 2% of the people preferred Pinarayi Vijayan as the chief minister. “All the surveys are being done using limited samples and they cannot be taken as the mass opinion. Only 1% of the total votes is covered during these surveys,” he said.

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