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AHMEDABAD: The year 2021 seems to be better than last year, at least for car dealers in the state. Car sales have registered a 16% jump this year in January-March (Q4) as compared to sales in the same period of 2019.
Registration data of the transport department reveals that 83,000 cars were sold in the first three months of 2021, which is higher than the 71,000 cars sold in the same period in 2020, or even the 74,000 sold in Jan-March 2019.

The data also reveals that from April 2020 to March 2021 car sales dropped by only 5.8% against the previous year’s sales, while two-wheeler sales dropped by 39%.
In March 2021, 25,000 cars were registered as against 19,000 registered in 2019. In March, the vehicle registration recorded an increase of 31.6%.
The sales of two-wheelers in March 2021 registered a decline of 43% against last year’s. In March 2021, 67,000 two-wheelers were sold as against 1.18 lakh in 2020.
Pranav Shah, chairman, Gujarat region, Federation of Automobile Dealers’ Association (FADA) said, “There are many reasons for the growth in car sales, but the main reason is that people are keen on using private vehicles and avoid public transport.
“I also feel that the income of middle and upper-middle income group has not been affected much, or at least it has not kept them away from buying cars.
“Also, we have realized that the loan rejection rate for a four-wheeler was not as high as that for a two wheeler and hence availability of finance at lower rate of interest has also brought people to buy more cars than two-wheelers.”
Amit Khatri, a traffic expert said, “The new mantra is that fear of health is forcing people to buy four-wheelers. The demand was high from Tier II and Tier III towns as they had the cash, and to keep away from public transport they have utilized their resources. People prefer the enclosed and relative isolation of a four-wheeler as against two-wheelers.”
There is, however, a pronounced negative sentiment among two -wheeler buyers which continued in this financial year, and the drop in sales compared to the last financial year ranged from 30% to 60% across various districts.

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