Rajasthan eyes 7 lakh doses/day to achieve vaccination of above 45 years in a month | Jaipur News

JAIPUR: The state has 25 lakh doses of Covid-19 vaccines in store, but would require more supply from the Centre as it is aiming at vaccinating seven lakh people daily to achieve the target of inoculating 2.09 crore people who are above 45 years in age.
The state reported record vaccination of 5.44 lakh doses bringing the cumulative doses to 76.24 lakh on Monday. Also, the number of above 45 years who received the first dose rose to 16.80 lakh.
The health department is targetting to increase daily vaccination to seven lakh per day. “The focus of the government is to vaccinate more and more people,” said health minister Raghu Sharma, while adding that the Centre should remove the age restriction for vaccination to scale up the vaccination drive.
To vaccinate 2.09 crore people above 45 years in a month, they need to vaccinate seven lakh people daily. The health department is targeting for vaccination of seven lakh doses daily and if it manages to do it, the existing stock of 25 lakh doses would last another four days. The state government has demanded regular supply of vaccines.
The health department claimed that vaccines help in fighting against Covid-19. “Even after two doses of vaccination, there are chances of Covid-19 infection, but it will be a mild infection that is what the expert doctors believe,” said Sharma, while speaking about the importance of Covid-19 vaccination.
However, he encouraged people to use face mask as he said that it is even more effective in preventing Covid infection.
In the state, there are 66.86 lakh people who have received the first dose of vaccine, while those who have received first and second doses are 9.37 lakh.

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