Shiv Sena flag stir: Kannada workers forced to chant ‘Jai Maharashtra’ in Kolhapur | Kolhapur News

KOLHAPUR: Shiv Sena workers held demonstrations at the Shivaji Chowk area in Kolhapur city on Saturday chanting slogans against the Karnataka government for allegedly supporting pro-Kannada groups by not removing the Kannada flag hoisted illegally outside the Belagavi City Corporation.
Few Sena activists even went to the railway good’s yard, which has many Kannada workers.
The Sena functionaries forced the Kannada workers to chant ‘Jai Maharashtra’.
Sena workers visited different commercial establishments run by Kannadaspeaking people — including shops, hotels and eateries — to check if they had shut their operations. Most of the establishments were shut after the Kolhapur Chamber of Commerce and Industries’ appeal to keep their businesses closed to avoid any untoward incident.
There was police deployment along the highways after incidents of Sena workers painting Karnataka-registered vehicles in saffron colour and writing ‘Jai Maharashtra’ on the windshields were reported.
Vijay Devane, the Kolhapur district president of Shiv Sena said: “ Despite repeated agitations, the Kannada flag has not yet been removed. Now, attempts are being made to hoist the flag at other public spaces. Henceforth, we will enter Karnataka clandestinely and remove the flags. ”

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