Six more disciples oppose sale of two plots inside Osho commune in Pune

Six More disciples of Osho Rajneesh have moved an application before the charity commissioner’s office in Mumbai seeking to be heard in a matter involving the sale of two plots of land inside the sprawling Osho commune in Pune.

As recently reported by The Indian Express, Osho International Foundation, the owner of Osho Commune, sought the permission of the charity commissioner’s office to sell the two plots because of “financial distress”.

Two disciples of Osho, however, objected to the sale and asked to be made “intervenors” in the case. The charity commissioner’s office allowed their application to be heard.

Now, six more disciples have moved a similar application, which too has been allowed by the charity commissioner. They will be heard on March 25. In their application, the disciples – Kashmira Mody, Ramkrishna Reddy, Sanjay Patel, Ravinder Singh, Ram Doulatani and Hemant Malik – have pleaded that they have a right to be heard because they have “interests in the activities of the commune” and have contributed money and volunteer services in its activities.

Malik, one of the intervenors, said, “I have been associated with the commune for 30 years… I can’t tolerate the attempts being made to sell commune property because it has come into being through the sweat and toil of all disciples and our guru.

The two plots of land that are sought to be sold, each about 1.5 acres in size, sit inside Osho Meditation Resort in Koregaon Park, and house a swimming pool and a tennis court as of now. Osho International Foundation, which is based in Switzerland, has decided to sell the two plots to Rajeev Bajaj, managing director and CEO of Bajaj Auto, who lives on an adjacent plot, after he offered the highest price, over Rs 100 crore, in an auction in which two others also made a bid.

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In their application before the charity commissioner’s office, the disciples have argued that the commune was not just a piece of real estate but the “living energy” of Osho.

“Osho disciples from all over the world have worked, donated and created this beautiful place called Osho ashram,” they said.

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