Solidarity with India’s farmers: Vancouver holds 5th kisan rally


Expressing solidarity with protesting farmers of India, a ‘Kisan rally’ was organised in Vancouver Saturday afternoon for the fifth time in a month near Indian consulate downtown.

Noted Punjab Singers Manmohan Waris and Kamal Heer were the main speakers.

The duo had been seen in previous rallies as well. In videos circulated by Punjab farmers associations and also shared by Waris on his social media page, he was seen raising slogans like “Kisan Ekta Zindabad, Mazdoor Ekta Zindabaad, Punjab Ekta Zindabaad, Lok Ekta Zindabaad”.

Waris said, “The zeal amongst the Punjabi community to support their brothers and sisters protesting in Punjab is rising every day. I remember the summer days when protests against these black laws had started in Punjab. I along with Kamal Heer had come up with our song against these laws in July with titled ‘Acche dina ne Punjab di kisani rol ti’. Now look, winters have come and government has still not moved to listen to the demands of masses.”

Waris and Heer have come out with many other songs on the farmers’ agitation as well like ‘Sheran ne Dilli gheri’, ‘Teer te taj’ and ‘Dhakke Nal’ which said ‘Dhakean de hiq utte balleya… dhakke nal assi zindabaad likhna (on the wall of injustice…we have to forcibly write zindabaad…)”

Waris said that as the Punjabi community settled in different countries has supported farmers in India, it has become an international movement now.

Participants in the rally were mostly from the Punjabi community. The previous solidarity rallies were held on December 10, 20, 24 and 31 with themes of Simran, Sewa, Chardi Kala and Nirbhau Nirvair (without fear without hate).


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