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Woman takes Koramangala home on rent, summons saree seller from Chitradurga for a bulk ‘wedding purchase’, disappears with bundle worth Rs 40 lakh

A28-year-old businessman from Chitradurga has filed a complaint with the police after a woman cheated him on the pretext of purchasing sarees and escaped with Rs. 40 lakh worth of sarees. The woman had asked him to get the sarees to a house in Koramangala and convinced him that she would pay him after she had managed to sell the saree to her customers. But clearly, she had other plans.

In his complaint with the Koramangala police on Saturday, Pradeep DG has named Shashikala, her brother, Ganesh and others. According to the complaint, Shashikala had called Bhaskar, a saree weaver from Chitradurga, and asked him to give her about 120 sarees for a wedding. Since Bhaskar did not have 120 sarees, he shared Shashikala’s number with his cousin Pradeep, another weaver, and asked him to pursue the deal. Pradeep borrowed sarees from other weavers and set out to meet Shashikala at her Koramangala residence on March 5, said the police.

In his complaint, Pradeep said, “My brother, Ganesh, and I reached Shashikala’s house with 259 sarees at around 9:30 am. She came out and introduced herself as Shashikala and took us inside her house where there were five other men and women waiting for us. They said they were wholesale dealers and that they would like to take the sarees from us and show it to their clients. Once their clients had selected the sarees, they would pay us the money. They asked us to wait until they returned. When we said we would like to accompany her, she dissuaded us saying that we could strike a deal with her customers and she didn’t want that.”

To convince him that she was legitimate, Pradeep told the police that Shashikala gave him Rs 2 lakh and said she would pay him the rest when she returned.

Once their clients had selected the sarees, Shashikala said she would pay us the money. She asked us to wait until her wholesale dealers returned. When we said we would like to accompany her, she dissuaded us saying that we could strike a deal with her customers and she didn’t want that

— Pradeep, the weaver, told the police

Pradeep told the police that they took the sarees worth Rs 40 lakh in batches and left the house while Shashikala stayed back with them at the house. “Around 12 noon, all of us went out for lunch and she suggested that we get some rest until the others return after selling the sarees. We believed her and went to my brother’s house in Kodigehalli to rest. Around 2:30 pm, she called to inform us that they were still collecting money from their customers and it would take some time for them to return. In a couple of hours, she called again and said there was a delay. She kept giving us excuses,” said Pradeep, in his complaint.


Around 8:30 pm, Pradeep decided to visit their house in Koramangala when they hadn’t returned. However, Shashikala said that she would meet them at Forum Mall but she failed to turn up. Pradeep went to the house where they had met in the morning and found it locked. On enquiring with the owner of the building, they learnt that the house was taken on rent on the same day and they did not have any information about the accused.

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A senior officer said that the accused had made an elaborate plan and gained the trust of the weavers by giving them Rs. 2 lakh and promising them a sale of Rs 40 lakh. “We have gathered some information about the gang and they will soon be arrested,” he said.

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