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Noida-Ghaziabad: Both districts saw a drop in the number of people who got the jabs on Wednesday compared to Tuesday. With routine immunisation drive scheduled for Wednesday, the number of government centres that administered Covid vaccine in Gautam Budh Nagar was fewer compared to the rest of the week. A total of 24 centres inoculated people under the third phase — six government and 18 private hospitals and 1,725 people got the jabs. On Tuesday, 3,343 people were vaccinated across 51 centres.
In Ghaziabad, the drive was carried out across nine government and 32 private facilities. On Wednesday, 2,452 people were inoculated in the third phase. While 2,057 were in the 60 years and above category, 395 were in the 45-59 age group with comorbities. On Tuesday, 3,844 were inoculated in the district.
“We vaccinated 2,240 people on Wednesday. While 878 people were inoculated at government centres, 1,362 got the jabs at private hospitals. Of the 1,725 people inoculated in phase three, 1,370 were in the 60 years and above category and 355 were in the 45-59 years category. The others were healthcare and frontline workers,” said Dr Neeraj Tyagi, district immunisation officer in-charge of Covid vaccination, Gautam Budh Nagar. A daily target of 8,000 people has been fixed for all districts with a population of 25-50 lakhs. “The target is 7,000 per day for Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. For the other days, it will depend on the number of facilities operational for that day,” said Dr Tyagi.
While Kailash and Yatharth hospitals are carrying out the drive all through the week, Government Institute of Medical Sciences (GIMS), Greater Noida, and District Hospital, Sector 30, Noida, are inoculating people from Monday to Saturday each week.
“We are vaccinating people on all seven days from 8.30 am to 5 pm,” said Viswabadhu Joshi from Kailash Hospital.
In Ghaziabad, 777 people above 60 years of age and 82 in the second category were vaccinated at government facilities. At private facilities, 1,280 people above 60 years and 313 between 45 years and 59 years were vaccinated.
Apart from that, 244 healthcare and frontline workers also took their first and second doses on Wednesday.

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