Twitter Faceoff: Racially discriminated and cyberbullied at Oxford, Indian student draws support

NEW DELHI. The issue of racism against Indian student Rashmi Samant, who had to step down as Oxford University Student’s union president and face bullying and harassment incited in part by Indian-origin postdoctoral history researcher Abhijit Sarkar, is generating a lot of talk on social media.

As per the latest development, the United Kingdom police and Oxford University have commenced investigations after receiving complaints about the bullying of 22-year-old Samant, whose case was raised in the Indian Parliament.

The entire episode has drawn a lot of opinions on social media with many expressing their support for Samant.

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Meanwhile, a Twitter account by Oxford Indian Society issued a statement denying that Samant was forced to step down because of her religion or Hinduphobia.

While some backed the statement, others accused them of virtue-signalling

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