Weekly TPR in TVM goes below 3 for first time in eight months | Thiruvananthapuram News


Thiruvananthapuram: Weekly Covid-19 test positivity rate (TPR) in the district has gone below three for the first time since July 2020. The first two weeks of March showed weekly positivity rates dropping to 2.5 and 2.9.
This is lower than the TPR recorded for the entire state. Between February last week and March second week, weekly positivity rate ranged between 4.5 and 3.6 in the state.
TPR in the district had begun to climb towards the last week of January, marking a rise from 4.9 to 6.5. However, since then the rate has come down sharply — a dip from 6.3 to 2.5 by the first week of March.
As on Sunday, the cumulative RT-PCR positivity in the district was 6.6% while antigen positivity stood at 11.1%. In the past 15 days, daily TPR had remained below 5% in the district. On February 28, TPR was 3.26%. Except for a marginal rise to 4.25% on March 7, TPR has remained below 4% in the district. The lowest TPR was recorded on March 3 — 2.5%.
The positivity rate in coastal areas had been really high since July 2020 when community transmission was officially confirmed in the district. It declined by the last week of August since people were reluctant to come for testing. Over the period from July 1 to August 22, 4,895 positive cases were reported in 11 coastal panchayats. Nearly 28,769 samples were tested and average positivity rate was 17%. Four clusters reported a positivity rate above 20%: Poonthura (20.4%), Pulluvila (29.1%), Anchuthengu (23.6%) and Poovar (21.2%).
By the second week of December, the weekly RT-PCR positivity in the district had gone below five for the first time since July. The positivity rates of RT-PCR in the first two weeks of December had been 4.4 and 4.2. Any rate below five is indicative of low levels of disease transmission.
RT-PCR positivity rate in the district peaked to 9.2% in the third week of July and went as high as 17.9% by the third week of August. In the following months, it tended to dip slightly and post Onam, the graph peaked again to touch 17.5 by the fourth week of September. It was from the middle of October that RT-PCR positivity began to come down in the district. The rate has been below seven since the second week of November, which has reflected dip in transmission.
Low RT-PCR positivity rates had been reported in December with the highest number of RT-PCR tests. Between first and second week of December, 30,069 RT-PCR tests were done in the district and it yielded 1,290 positives.
Since July when community transmission swept coastal stretches in the district, the positivity rate grew from 4.5 to 17.6. Since the first week of November, the rate had touched below 10 and had slowly been on the downward slide.

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