West Bengal elections: BJP will issue fatwa on your dress, food habits, warns Mamata Banerjee | Kolkata News

KOTULPUR/BARJORA (Bankura): Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee on Monday raised her pitch against the Citizenship Amendment Act, promising that she would not let anyone’s name be deleted from the voters’ list (in Bengal) as long as she was alive, and attacked the BJP as a party that would soon start issuing “fatwas” on dress (“who should wear a sari and who should wear a salwar-kameez”) and food habits (“will soon order pregnant women not to have eggs”).
Banerjee’s statement came a day after Union home minister Amit Shah released the BJP manifesto and promised that its “first cabinet meeting” would implement CAA.
“Fourteen lakh people have already suffered in Assam,” Banerjee told rallies here. “But, as long as I am alive, I will not let anyone’s name be removed from the voters’ list (in Bengal). We have already given land rights to refugees. You are all citizens,” she said, adding: “This election is a battle for survival, a battle to save your address.”
“All they are doing is copying Mamata Banerjee,” the CM said. “They talk of paribartan (change), which was our 2011 slogan. They will start issuing fatwas on who should wear a salwar-kameez and who a sari. They will soon start ordering that pregnant women cannot have eggs,” she added.
“Chal debo, dal debo, chakri debo (Will give you rice, pulses and jobs). 33% chakri debo (Will reserve 33% jobs for women). Chhai debe (They will give nothing),” she said, referring to the promises made in the BJP’s manifesto. “Have they implemented 33% reservation for women in India? Half the seats are reserved for women in Bengal’s gram panchayats and municipalities. Our party already has 40% elected women MPs in Parliament,” she added, accusing the BJP of “lying before every election and then fleeing”..
The Trinamool Congress on Sunday said the implementation of CAA in Assam had led to the detention of “Bengalis and Hindus”.
“This is an election for Bengal, not Delhi. Have you yet got the Rs 15 lakh they promised in 2014?” Banerjee asked. “Let them reduce the prices of cooking gas, petrol and diesel if they want to help people. Let them make (cooking) gas free if their intent is honest,” she added.
The CM’s public rallies in Kotulpur, Indas and Barjora came 10 days before the April 1 vote. “Only I can ensure that you receive free food rations at your doorstep, free treatment and education for children. Give the BJP an April Fool gift on April 1,” she said.

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