Where is justice for Kamduni, Park Street victims: BJP poser

Responding to Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s criticism of the state of women’s safety in BJP-ruled Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh, the saffron party on Monday said that the victims in the Park Street and Kamduni cases had not yet received justice.

“She talks about Hathras, but forgets about Park Street and Kamduni cases where no justice has been served yet. UP and Bihar do not vote for Bengal, it is the people of Bengal who vote here and one should be concerned about the people of Bengal. Women of Bengal are looking at Narendra Modi for the ‘Sonar Bangla [Golden Bengal]’ where women will get their due respect,” said BJP MP Locket Chatterjee.

Criticising the Trinamool Congress’ “Bangla nijer meye kei chai [Bengal wants its own daughter]” campaign, Chatterjee said, “Incidents of rape, molestation and acid attacks, women trafficking are high in Bengal and the state doesn’t provide the requisite data. We seek respect. The data shows Bengal could not give respect to women and now they are seeking votes in the name of daughters.”

The Hooghly MP said instead of criticising BJP-ruled states the “CM should explain why so many women, including minor girls, in the state haven’t got justice”. Chatterjee added, “The CM was supposed to give the case to fast-track courts, when will the victims of Kamduni and Park Street like incidents get justice?”

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